Quarantine Blogging

So, with humanity coming to an end, it’s about time I updated this blog a bit. There’s been plenty of changes in my homelab, and with the quarantine in place, I’ve spent a lot more time at home.

I’ve taken this opportunity to expand my homelab with a couple of Dell R620’s to carry out ESX Hosting duties, a proper 24-Port switch, and a Dell R720 (which will one day become NAS storage for my VM hosts).

One downside to migrating from my old T20 is that I lost some functionality that was baked into the CPU. This resulted in constant buffering in my Plex service, even with lower quality video files. This clearly would not do, especially given that all of my users were now stuck at home more often. I then set about trying to fix this, a process which is documented in my other post: Plex Woes

During this time though, I’ve been able to work on other miniature projects, such as implementing ansible, moving away from monolithic hosting and baking bread.

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